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Due to Corona the 8 november workshops has been moved to 21-2-2021

Workshop Digital Balancing

To find a digital balance it requires digital awareness. With digital awareness you learn about your digital habits and aim to regain control over the uncontrolled and unhelpful habits. From there you can choose again, how, when, where and how long you want to spend time online.
The most popular apps and online services are designed to increase view time. Therefore we often spend more time online than we would like to. Meanwhile we lack time for the offline activities we consider valuable. In this workshop we will reach a digital balance in 3 steps:

1) Understand your digital habits;

2) Recognize your (life)goals and the goals from online services; and

3) Replace unwanted habits with wanted habits.

In these 3 steps we will get acquainted with the founders of the addictive mechanisms behind our smart devices and apps. We will learn to use the models from these behavioral scientists in our favor.

This workshop is offline in a yogaschool in The Hague/ Den Haag city centre. There is a maximum of 8 participants to enable enough physical distance for the corona guidelines. Iris Visser, founder of van Work on Balance, facilitates this interactive workshop wherein theory, practice a bit of yoga and meditation come together in our way towards digital awareness. Depending on the participants the workshop will be held in English or Dutch.

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Workshop Digital Balancing

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