Photo from de Koekamplaan

Het Buitenkantoor (the Outdoor Office)

This year an outdoor office will be facilitated at de Koekamplaan in The Hague. In a collaboration with State Forest Management (Staatsbosbeheer), the governmental facility department of The Hague and Nature Desks we will jointly organize this years’ Outdoor Office Day at June 16th. Not only during, but also before and after June 16th the Koekamplaan will host het Buitenkantoor. Which means that employees and students can take their work outdoors. Either independently with an buitenkantoortas (outdooroffice backpack), together with a colleague or in teamwork combined with an introductory workshop.

The project

In collaboration with KABK we are aiming at an inspiring and educative illustration on the outdoor office furniture. To be printed (or carved or lasered) on the bamboo cover or on one of the A3 notebook papers. The illustration should explain the concept and how it can be used. As well as explaining the added value of working outdoors and (where possible) without screentime. With this illustration we are aiming to amplify the outdoor work experience, especially for first time users.

The illustration may include a map of het Haagse Bos (The Hague’s Forest) but this is not a must have. The concept most likely will be implemented on a larger scale, so a more general version than the examples below is welcome.

The story

Knowledge workers of office workers spend most of their working days inside. Especially when they work from home. Whilst they physically and mentally miss moving from A to B, for most employees it feels like truancy when they take a walk during office hours. Eventhough walking helps the information processing and finding complicated solutions. Remaining indoors and seated does the opposite. You will experience a information overload and get stuck on certain matters. This can all explained by the lack of blood flow and oxygen for your brain.

The concept

In het Buitenkantoor you take your work outdoors. Where you move more, where you work healthier and where your find inspiration. The combination of phsycial exercise, oxygen and an inspirational environment helps you to improve your quality of work. And you get the ultimate effect if you work screenless. You process information better that way and you creativity gets the space it needs to flow. A peaceful mind is able to connect different bits of information from your longterm memory and see something new (this is how creativity comes to you). Science shows in different ways how outdoors, movement and screenless time amplifies this.

The plan

  • Pitch @ ministry of economic affairs and climate (4 april)
  • Introduction @ KABK (5 april)
  • KABK-graphic design students work on illustrations (april – june)
  • HVA-studenten work on ‘story telling’ communication f.i. with video’s and a social media plan (may – june)
  • opens weetingpoints for walking meetings (15 june)
  • FM Haaglanden (governmental facility department), Nature Desks & Work on Balance organize Outdoor Office Day (16 juni)
  • KABK-students present illustrations (16 june?)
  • Work on Balance announces the outdoor office backpack/ buitenkantoortas (mei-september)
  • Work on Balance organizes workshops on working outdoors


  • Newly added: 4 versions named after 4 types of birds:
  • On this page you will find a video in Dutch explaining the concept.
  • On this page you will find some information about the placemaking initiative at de Koekamplaan (in Dutch)
  • On this page you find the different combinations of the outdoor office backpack and it’s pricing for companies. (named after the birds mentioned on top of this list)
  • On this page you will find information about het Buitenkantoor on Outdoor Office Day (in Dutch).
  • On this page you will find information about Outdoor Office Day as an global event.

Note: The final version of the illustrations above is on the left, the first version on the right. The right and first version is Iris’ favorite, except for the map. The left version is considered the best version of the map.


Factsheet working outdoors (available in .ai format)

Voorzet folder/ informatie over het buitenkantoor (available in .ai format)

Evenementplan voor Outdoor Office Day (16 juni)

I’m looking forward to working with you! Please get in contact if you would like to schedule a meeting of get more information on something. Or drop a question or comment below, so that your classmates can join the converstation.

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