MinBuZa Works on Balance

Work on Balance is an organization based in The Hague and is established to start conversations on digital well-being. All trainings, workshops and coachingprograms contribute to the employee’s digital well-being. The mission is supporting people to regain control over their devices and their quality time. Because from this quality we find more joy, productivity and creativity in our work and life.

Offline options

Outdoor Office (Netherlands)

The Outdoor Office is a pop-up concept and available at a location of choice (in the Netherlands). In an outdoor office a team (max. 14 people) can hold (walking) meetings or work on a joint project or program. Herein it is also possible to follow a program on digital well-being, including walkshops (walking workshops). The outdoor office hostess provides these workshops and is available to guide a team session.

Walking coaching for digital well-being

Take a walk during a coaching call or let’s meet in person in The Hague.

Is your smart device becoming part of you? And would you like to change this but you don’t know where to begin? With coaching on digital-well-being you:

  • reflect on your values to understand your (preferred) digital habits;
  • design a personal and doable reform strategy; and
  • regain quality time for productivity, creativity and joy.
Books Work on Balance recommends
Researchers & writers with various relevant publications

Gloria Mark

Cal Newport

Sherry Turkle

Online options

Desk yoga & walkshop on digital well-being

This workshop combines online with offline and shows how you can integrate a walking element in your future sessions. The session starts online, wherever you are located, with basic desk yoga postures. These are integratable in your working day, during seated work or standing calls. The desk yoga postures will help you find a more healthy desk posture throughout the day.

A team meeting on digital well-being

An interactive session with your direct colleagues

Digital habits are partly based on our team- and organizational culture. As social creatures we easily adapt. But what is it we adapt to? With your team we will:

  • gain insight in your team’s digital habits and their daily impact;
  • discover common underlying beliefs; and
  • see how digital habits are developed & changed for the better.
A global workshop

Would you like a workshop with colleagues but you can’t convince your team to join you?

When you show your interest the workshop will be scheduled for MinBuZa colleagues only.

In the form behind the link below you can show your interest and select topics you are particularly interested in.

The basis of the workshop includes:

  • knowledge on the mechanisms behind our digital habits;
  • how to use behavioural science in our favour;
  • how to improve stress regulation, productivity & creativity; and
  • designing minor changes for your most distracting digital habits.